The Barcelona star admits the secret of his disappointing appearance in Rome

Barcelona striker Luis Suarez has revealed the secrets and secrets of his appearance at a shameful level during his Champions League match against Roma last season, which ended with the exclusion of the Catalan club from the tournament.

Barcelona suffered a humiliating defeat to Roma in the Champions League last season with a return match at the Olympic Stadium in the quarter-finals and despite the Catalan club won four in the first leg, but the Italian capital managed to return and grabbed the ticket to qualify for the semi-finals of the tournament at the time.

Suarezkhalal said in an interview with Radio Catalunya that fatigue and successive matches were one of the reasons for his appearance at this level in front of Roma and expressed his regret for taking part in the game of the Liga before that important sign.

"We regretted playing last year against Liganes," said Suarez. "We played the whole game. We wanted to take more points but three days later we had a fateful match against Roma."

Suarez also said he had taken advantage of the mistake and admitted that he was disqualified from not organizing his matches during his team's matches and indicated that he would be very conscious of it this season and would avoid this and would avoid repeating it.

Suarez has been one of Barcelona's most offensive forwarders since he joined the Liverpool squad a few years ago and a powerful player who has relied on all the coaches who have been coaching the Catalan club.

Suarez is also one of Barcelona's top scorers, and the coaches rely heavily on him, along with Argentine Lionel Messi, where the duo has a strong friendship and is always a unique duo of the team's matches.

Suarez has scored two goals for Barcelona this season in three matches in the Liga, with Huesca in the 8-2 win over Catalonia, while failing to score in the Spanish Super Cup at the start of the season.

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