Suarez: I will not retire in Barcelona ,, And not Join Grisman Is a surprise

Barcelona striker Luis Suarez has confirmed that it is difficult to end his career in the Catalan team unless he continues to present the same level.

Suarez said in remarks published in the Catalan newspaper "Sport" that when he is unable to help Barca, he will take as far away as Chavi and Anista, who did not join the team, adding that each player's desire is to retire in Barça.

Suarez added that Grizman's failure to join Barcelona in the transfer period for the last two years is a surprise, noting at the same time that he respects everyone and also the player's decision.

The star of Barcelona said that stars such as Paul Bogba would be welcome inside the Catalan team, explaining that he was a player who won many titles and has a great level.

Suarez commented on the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid, saying that the royal team is above all the players, and has many stars with brilliant levels in addition to the ambition with the new coach.

Suarez said he was angry when he did not provide the required level with Barcelona, ​​pointing out that scoring goals are the least important, although they are the role of the attackers.

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