Real Madrid requests management advice from Barcelona

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has begun the practical steps to form a royal women's football team to compete for local and continental titles, but some of the figures presented by the Merseyside officials are expected to be uninspiring.

According to the newspaper "Confedencial" Spanish, that the club Real Madrid has already begun preparing and setting up a women's football team, able to compete and control of major tournaments, as does the team of men, but the Royal Department is facing some obstacles at the moment.

The Florentino Perez turned to the Barcelona management, which has a strong women's team and asked them more information about the idea of ​​owning a women's team, especially since the figures presented by the Royal Club officials were not convincing for him.

The Real Madrid president spoke to Mark Zubizarreta, who is in charge of the women's team in Barcelona, ​​and asked for some advice to face all the obstacles that may face the royal club, from the storm into the world of "nice sex" successfully.

The newspaper pointed out that Mark Zubizarreta told the president of Real Madrid, that he would need 5 million euros to form the women's team, a price lower than expected by Perez, where other clubs began outside Spain, about 7 million euros.

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