Rakitic: I've received offers from big clubs

Croatia striker Ivan Rakitic has confirmed that he has chosen to stay with Barcelona this summer despite offers from several major clubs in the last period.

There have been reports of Paris Saint-Germain's progress in the final days of the transfer market for 90 million euros to persuade Barcelona to sell Rakic.

"I read my rumors about Barcelona, ​​there were big shows and clubs that wanted to get me," the number four commented on the matter in an interview with Novi List.

"I talked to my wife and decided that I was happy at this club and proud to stay. I have been here for several years and I have made history and it is not too late to leave. It is not easy to leave this club."

"I thought about it and then I talked to Dalic and my wife to find that my desire is to represent my country. There is no stronger incentive to put your hand on your heart at the time of the national anthem," he said.

"We do not have to wait for our next game against Elche in front of Spain. We have wonderful young men, but we do not have to put a lot of pressure on them to make up the likes of Mandzukic, Sobasic and Churluca."

"Luca is now the front of the Spanish league and the best player in the world. We, the Croats, are proud of him and I hope that he will be crowned with the remaining prize because he deserves it," said Luca Modric.

"Those who are jealous of Luca will leave them to die because of their jealousy, and winning the championships like I am the winner, like my brother, we have been playing together for 11 years."

"I am happy after his retirement internationally," he added. "Frankly, I do not know what my decision would have been had he decided not to complete the journey."

"We want to restore the glory and win the Champions League," he said. "Some say it will be easier after Ronaldo's departure from Real Madrid."

"Real remain strong with a new mix of youth and experience, but in the end it all depends on Barcelona only."

Croatia play friendly with Portugal, and then in the UEFA Champions League against Spain in the first appearance after the World Cup final.

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