Malcolm's friend reveals scenes of his transformation from Rome to Barcelona

Former Frenchman Bordeaux's Malcolm has revealed details of the last moments of his move from Roma to Barcelona.

This came in a press statement made by the player and confirmed that he did not believe what is happening to his friend and that he was very happy for what happened last minute.

"Malcolm invited me to a dinner at his home. When I arrived at my house, my wife was screaming from the top floor and telling me that Malcolm was selling to Rome and we had to go and leave him," he said.

"When we arrived, I asked him what had happened. He told me that his agent met with the president of Bordeaux and decided that I would be sold to Rome, and that we had to go to the airport after dinner to travel to Rome with his agent," he said.

The player continued: "I was very happy for him. He will go to play football in the Champions League and everyone will talk about him. Then he goes to collect his things and talks about a private plane that will take him to Rome."

Malcolm had a more impressive season with Bordeaux in the French league and drew the attention of many of his teams in Europe.

"When we arrived at the airport, his agent waited for a long time without any news. Suddenly he called him and told him he had to go back to his house. I did not understand what happened until I asked Malcolm," he said.

"This is a completely different level. He will go to play football next to that guy Lionel Messi," he said. "I was very excited. Even then I thought he was teasing me. "

He concluded his remarks: "On July 24 he went to take him to the airport once again and confirmed that he had taken the flight to Barcelona, ​​this club is a dream for every Brazilian and I do not exclude Malcolm since then."

It is worth mentioning that the player was injured in Barcelona's morning training today, and is expected to be absent for a week from the exercises.

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