Malcolm raises panic in Barcelona training

MADRID (Reuters) - Barcelona star Malcolm caused everyone to panic during his team's return to action after beating Huesca 8-2 at the Camp Nou in the third round.

The coach, Ernesto Valverde, has decided to take part in the training to look at them on the ground and concentrate with them to referee them. Some of them may be given an opportunity to participate in future matches, according to the team's technical staff.

Malcolm was injured in the outer ligament of the right ankle but the medical team diagnosed the injury and confirmed that the player's absence would take only one week.

Since coming to Bordeaux this summer, Malcolm has not scored much in the official league, scoring only six minutes in the second round of the Liga.

Malcolm was the champion of the summer transfer market, where he was just around the corner of Rome's Serie A club before moving on to move to Barcelona in the final minute, angering officials at the club.

Malcolm's move to Barcelona was in a state of hostility between the Catalans and their Rome counterparts, who threw cash and accusations at the management of the Blaugrana and were furious at Barca's intervention in the last minute after being close to the Calacchio wolves.

The newspapers confirmed that the Barcelona administration had apologized to Rome officials for the inclusion of the player after he was close to the Italian club, while sources came out to confirm that the management of the Blaugrana did not make any apologies for the conviction of the legality of its position in the deal to include the player.

The president of the club has ridiculed the transfer of the player to the Catalan club and confirmed in a press statement that he would not accept an apology to Barcelona officials, but if the Roma allowed to sign Argentine Lionel Messi, the myth of the blaugrana, which made everyone laugh.

The match between the two teams in the International Cup of the Friendly and Junior Champions of the new season also saw many skirmishes between Roma and Malcolm players, and everyone saw the support of the Greek Manolas with the player during the game in a joint game.

Manolas had made fun of the player during press statements before this friendly match when he confirmed that he did not know Malcolm from the ground and would not shake him during the match.

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