Interesting statistics for Ivan Rakitic in 2018

An interesting statistic for the Croatian star Ivan Rakitich in 2018.

He is one of Barcelona's best players, or his country's Croatia.

Rakic ​​helped his team Croatia to reach the 2018 World Cup final, and gave very impressive levels throughout the tournament.

The pro-Barcelona newspaper has made an interesting statistic about the number of games played by Rakić this year so far, whether with Croatia or Barcelona.

Rakitich is close to breaking his personal record in the number of matches he has played in a full year, with 70 appearances in a year, a big figure that underlines the importance of the Croatian star.

Rachic has been involved with Croatia and Barcelona in 2017 in 63 games, 57 with the Catalan team, and six with his country.

In 2018, Rakic ​​has so far been involved in 44 games, 33 with Barcelona, ​​11 with Croatia and missed only three encounters due to injury.

If we look at Barcelona and Croatia, we will find that the Bulgarians will play 20 games, 14 of them in the Spanish league and six in the Champions League, by the end of the year. Rachic is expected to participate in six meetings with his country.

In the event that Rakitich is involved in all of these games, "70", he would have broken his personal record last year "63 games."

Mundo Deportivo said Barcelona coach Ernesto Valverde and Croatia coach Zlatko Dalić will probably keep the player in some games, but he will certainly break his record last year or at least equal it because he is one of the main pillars of the Bulgarians and Croatia, and the only thing that will prevent him from doing so. He was injured for a long time.

Rakitic is preparing to participate in the friendly against his team Portugal on Thursday evening, while Spain will face Spain on September 11 in the European Nations Cup.

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