In numbers ... it is better to attack Barcelona or Real Madrid

A strong season started by Barcelona and Real Madrid, Spain, where they achieved the full mark - so far - during the Spanish league championship, after three rounds.

According to the newspaper "Marka" Spanish, the goal rate of Barcelona players in each game to 4 goals, and more than 3 goals in each game to attack Real Madrid.

"Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and Osman Dembele," the Catalan club's triple attack, have scored nine out of 13 goals - so far - with the Spanish Super Cup, which means they scored 69 percent of Barcelona goals, the newspaper said. Against Huesca, and the three attackers for the first time together since they played together.

12 - Osman Dembili has signed 12 goals in his last 15 games as a primary with Barcelona in all tournaments (record 7 and make 5). Energetic.

Last Friday, Lionel Messi celebrated his 10th birthday with the Catalan club, replacing Brazilian talent Ronaldinho for AC Milan in 2008.

According to the newspaper "Mundo Deportivo" Spanish, Messi wore the shirt No. 10 in the season 2008, 2009 in the Spanish league, when he faced Barça his Noumea, but the Bulgarians suffered defeat in that match.

"We have to find a partner for Karim Benzema and Gareth Bell after the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo," said Marca in Real Madrid. "He decided to involve Marco Ascencio as the key to filling the space left by the Madeira missile. At the moment things are going well, 8 out of 12 goals for their team, or 66 percent of the team's goals.

3 - Marco Ascencio has been awarded more than 3 penalty shooters by any other player in the top 5 European leagues this season. cunning.

Both Ernesto Valverde and Lobetigi are betting on these six players, each of whom has played the four official matches as key players.
Messi and Benzema have played in all of the minutes so far, while Gareth Bell and Dembaili have been the most replaceable. The Frenchman completed just one game against Huesca, the same for the Welsh locomotive, who played for Atletico Madrid in the European Super Cup.
On the level of efficiency, the Barcelona trio advance with a goal on the trio Real Madrid, but the players of the Royal more effective, they need a smaller number of shots on goal to score unlike the Catalan team, with Benzema seven balls on the net to score five goals, Nine rebounds to score four goals, Dempele scored 3 goals from 7 shots, while Bill scored two goals from seven shots, while Asencio, although he did not score but his role is undeniable.

4 - Karim Benzema scored 4 goals after the first three rounds of the league season for the first time in his career (French and Spanish league). freedom.

For the passes, the Barcelona trio passed 88 assists in three games, Messi gave 26 passes to Dembley, while the last passed the Argentina flea 16 passes, Luis Suarez gave 11 passes each.

 On the other side of Real Madrid, the most common passes between the trio were between Benzema and Ascencio, where they passed the ball to the other 20 times.

870 - Real Madrid passed 870 passes against Liganes (799 successful), the best team figures in a game in La Liga since the start of collecting tournament data in 2005/06. Lobetigi.

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