Get to know the top 10 deals in Summer Mercato

The summer transfer period in Europe's biggest leagues ended last Friday, with a significant number of engagements. As usual, some deals were ranked first, thanks to the player's value and impact on his new team, while a number of deals were not written. Antoine Grezmann continued with Atletico Madrid, Maudric and Gareth Bell in Real Madrid and Hazard with Chelsea.

Sports Elstreet published a list of top 10 deals during the summer Mercato:

10 - Malcolm Barchloni: Bringing talented Brazilian wing Malcolm from Bordeaux to the Spanish team for 47.5 million dollars.

9 - Nizoni to Rome: The Italian team joined the ranks of the player Stephen Nzonzi, 29, after the failure of the deal Malcolm Brazilian.

8. Mehrez to Citi: Riyad managed to achieve the "dream transition" and signed for Manchester City, to be the most prominent of the arrivals of the "opportunists".

7 - Higuain shirt Milan: The Italian team signed the Argentine striker for one year on loan, with the possibility of final purchase.

6 - Cortois to the Royal Club: Real Madrid included Belgian goalkeeper Tibo Cortua of Chelsea for 35 million euros.

5 - Giorgione to Chelsea: The first deal for the team during the Mercato summer was the Brazilian player with a contract of five years.

4 - Limar wearing the Atletico shirt: Atletico Madrid managed to convince Monaco midfielder Thomas Limar to sign him. The English team was struggling with Barcelona to win the services of the French player.

3 - Keita from Germany to England: In 2017, Liverpool reached an agreement with Leipzig to join Guinea midfielder Nabi Keita in the summer of 2018.

2 - A new goalkeeper to Liverpool: The team signed with Brazilian Alison Baker, after the successive errors of Loris Carrios, most notably in the Champions League final against Real Madrid. Media reports estimate the deal at $ 84 million.

1 - Don to Juventus: Without a doubt, this was the biggest deal during the summer transfer. Cristiano Ronaldo, 33, has moved from Real Madrid to the "Old Lady" team for more than $ 100 million.

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