Dimbili tried to move to Saint-Germain after Barcelona contract with Malcolm

Spanish press reports have revealed that the current Barcelona player Osman Dembeli has tried to move to Paris Saint-Germain during the summer transfer market.

The 21-year-old Osman Dembili was associated with the departure of the Barcelona team during the summer Mercato, which ended several days ago.

The newspaper "Mundo Deportivo" that Osman Dembili after Barcelona's contract with Brazilian Malcolm of Bordeaux, France continued with the Paris St Germain officials to move to the team.

The paper concluded that on July 10, when Eric Abidal and Pep Segura of Paris negotiated the purchase of Adrian Rabio, St Germain's sports director Artiro Henrique spoke of the possibility of the inclusion of Osman Dembili.

The Spanish newspaper reported that if Lula had promised Osman Dembili to play continuously with Barcelona was now a player in the Paris Saint-Germain.

Osman Dembelli has been in Barcelona since the start of the season, scoring three goals in four matches, including three in La Liga and one in the Spanish Super Cup.

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