Bogba: There were some things with Mourinho and my trip to Barcelona was common

Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba has admitted that his relationship with coach Jose Mourinho is not very good and described reports that he has left for Barcelona as "rumors."

"There were some things with the coach, but the relationship is the same, the coach and the player have a relationship, we have a common goal: to win."

A crisis between Boca and Mourinho last season was caused by the former's opposition to some of the required duties on the field, which made the former Juventus player think of leaving Old Trafford.

Barcelona have been reported to want to sign the 25-year-old but the English club has refused to listen to the offer from the Catalans.

"As long as I do not wear the Barcelona shirt, it's because I'm in Manchester, there are always rumors."

"It's great, the life of the world champion, our lives are changing, people are changing, and I'm the same as I. I changed during the World Cup, I needed to become more mature, my relationship with the coach was very good," he told Didier Deschamps, told me about his experience and took it into account. "

"I did not feel that I had done this before," he said, adding that the World Cup was free. "I'm the one who speaks but the goal is in everyone's mind."

Pogpa took part in France's 1-1 draw against Germany on Thursday in the first round of Group A matches of the first tier of the European League.

The world champions will host the Netherlands on Sunday in the second round.

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