Barcelona grabs a golden opportunity to charge its energy

The international stoppage period has given Barcelona a golden opportunity to tackle many of the problems and crises they have suffered recently before returning to mid-month matches against Real Sociedad in the third round of the Spanish Liga.

The start of the crisis with the injury of Brazilian Malcolm de Oliveira sprained ankle will be with him for a week and was likely to miss the next game if there was no international pause, but the matches gave the Blaugrana a chance to give hope to the injured.

Barcelona are on the verge of the recovery of Spanish midfielder Denis Suarez, where he can receive a medical statement in preparation for the next match against Real Sociedad at the famous Anuita Stadium.

Barcelona are waiting for the state of the grass in San Sebastian for fear of repeating what happened in Valladolid, where the stadium turned into uneven areas and almost cost the team more injuries, especially that the Liga itself will start to follow the case of Anuita Stadium so as not to repeat what happened in the second round.

Ernesto Valverde is aware that the players who have been called up for international matches need a break, so he is trying to prepare the current players who have not been included in the national teams' lists for inclusion in the list against Real Sociedad.

After traveling to San Sebastian on 15, Barcelona will have to prepare for PSV Eindhoven in the first group stage of the Champions League, especially since the team is in a group that also includes Tottenham Hotspur and Inter Milan.

Valverde is worried about the stress the players may face, especially since Real Sociedad's matches at Anuita need a great effort to win.

Barcelona's Gerrard Pique and one of the team's leaders will need to look at the mistakes he has made either on the pitch in front of Huesca or out on the pitch, such as the entry of his car license points, which nearly cost him six months in prison, but only for money.

Although Barcelona beat Huesca in the third round of the Spanish Liga 8/2, the Blaugrana is suffering a major defensive crisis is the continued failure to spoil the counter-attacks launched by the competitors against goalkeeper Mark André Terje Stegen.

The international stalemate may play a role in correcting the mistakes, although the heart of the French defense, Samuel Ometti, has been called up to represent France and will not be present to Guard Gerard Pique.

On the other hand, Barcelona will begin to study the performance of the teams participating in the group stage in the Champions League to determine the strengths and weaknesses during the period of international stop, especially as the team wants to lead his group without any surprises, especially that the memory of the exit last season against Roma from the Italian quarter-eight Overlooking her head.

Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomio was forced to apologize to the public for coming out against Roma, especially as the team won the first leg 4-1 but lost 3-0 at the Olimpico stadium in the Italian capital, while coach Ernesto Valverde faced a barrage of criticism.

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