Barcelona Competing Manchester United to signs with Monchi

The Manchester United and Barcelona teams have signed a contract with Ramon Rodriguez, the club's sports director.

According to the newspaper "La Gazzetta dello Sport," the Italian, there is a great desire among the clubs in the contract with "Munshi", in light of reports that indicate the approach of his departure from the Italian capital club, although his contract runs with the club for four seasons.

It reported that the poor start of the Roma in the Italian league this season, put Eusebio Di Francesco artistic director, and Munshi, under pressure in the coming period, although the latter joined the club in 2017.

The Club of Rome fans feel very disappointed of the transfer policy within the team, after abandoning Allison Baker Radza Nayangaulin and Kevin Strootman three-team during the summer transfer season.

Manchester United are looking for a sports manager after Ed Woodward, who has failed to meet Jose Mourinho's needs on the transfer market.

Munchi has had great success during his tenure with Sevilla, where he managed to provide many submerged names that the club successfully sold in large amounts, before leaving in 2017.

Munchy, 49, was appointed as Gialorossi's sporting director last season, with a four-year contract with the possibility of renewal for another year, replacing former sports director Walter Sabatini.

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